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Toxicity and Its Afterlives

A Transdisciplinary Symposium on Toxic Exposure

POSTPONED: Due to uncertainty about campus closures due to covid-19 and for the safety of our community, this event is postponed. please register your email using the registration form to stay updated. we hope to reschedule for later spring 2020.

Where do toxins “go” once they have been released into our environments? What work do they continue to do in the world, once their original purpose has been exhausted? How do humans, other animals, and plants become-with the toxins to which we are all so regularly, and yet unevenly, exposed? Who deploys the most toxins and who is positioned to absorb the most toxicity? What are the social and ecological pre-conditions that make such different distributions of toxic exposure possible, or probable? How do we care for one another in the toxic aftermath? This day-long, transdisciplinary symposium addresses these and other critical questions from a wide range of standpoints and methods.

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